How to Make a Homemade Stud Finder?

In your home projects, you probably need additional tools. Moreover, you need one of the best stud finder to search for studs in your drywall. However, not all homeowners have their own stud finder.

Fortunately, you must not be worried, because there are some ways to find stud in a traditional way. These are summed up in the following tips.


Look at the trim

Use the switch

Magnets with wire nuts and super glue

Measure from the corner

Finding a Stud without a Stud Finder

When you are about to search for studs, you must first check the important information about your house’ wall construction. It cannot be denied that every house has unique features, but there are still similarities among the walls in houses. In today’s era, most of the homes are established with 2x4 or 2x6 studs.

More importantly, studs can be commonly found in the sides of the doors and windows. Moreover, light switches and most outlets also have a stud location on the left side or right side. In addition, any trim in your house (crown molding, baseboards, etc.) is commonly nailed to a stud.

If you are budget conscious, homemade stud finder is the perfect solution for you to find the studs in your area. Meanwhile, if you find it hard to search for your studs in your home, you can seek help from the professionals. Homemade stud finder tips mentioned above are the best solutions to find studs in an inexpensive way.

It will help you to save more of your money from hiring the professionals.

More Innovative Ways on Finding Studs

With the continual rise of technology, iPhone stud finder was developed. There are many available apps in finding studs in your home. Stud finder apps are now popular for finding studs.

Download the stud finder app for iOS here. For Android devices, click here.

Cellphone stud finder uses the latest smartphones’ magnetometer sensor to exactly find the location of the wall studs. The magnetometer can detect the screws, nails and joists that serve as fasteners for studs. There are several iPhone stud finders in the market, so you must carefully choose the one that you think can satisfy your needs.

Electronic Stud Finder

When it comes to finding studs with an electronic stud finder, you need some tools such as tape measure, hammer, small finish nail and painter’s tape. Electronic stud finders can determine the metal in your wall. You can put strips of painter’s tape along your wall to mark multiple stud locations.

Firstly, you need to identify how high your wall is. You can do this with the fasteners you can use to secure the object that you are going to hang on your wall. Moreover, some of the stud finders can also detect the presence of unshielded electrical wires.

With this, you need to be more careful to avoid possible injuries and accidents while finding studs in your home. To sum it up, finding studs manually is possible. You just need to be very careful to prevent accidents that can cost your money.


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