Electronic Stud Finder: Beeps Mean Success

An Electronic Stud Finder
An Electronic Stud Finder

An electronic stud finder is a handy little tool to have if you want to try to install something on your walls and/or ceilings. You need to be able to find the studs, and using one of these is the best way to go about doing this. If you are attaching something that is large or heavy, it is going to be better if it is installed on a beam, because the installation will be stronger and more durable.

What Does It Mean When a Stud Finder Beeps?

There are different types of available, and the electronic models seem to be the most popular. They make it easy to locate beams in walls and ceilings in just a few seconds, making many jobs a whole lot quicker and easier. When one of these devices is passed over a wall or ceiling, it will emit a signal, usually a beeping sound. When you hear the beeps, you can mark the areas so you will know where the beams are when you actually begin doing the work.

Tips to Use Stud Finders Effectively

It is easy to use, and it only takes a couple of minutes to locate all of the studs in a room when you are using one of these devices. Make sure that you have a pencil handy so you can mark where they are. The easiest way to do this is to have the device in the hand you would normally write with, and hold the pencil in your other hand. To locate, you will take the following steps:

Place the device so it lies flat on the wall or ceiling. Depending on the model, it will either beep or flash a light when it finds it’s target. Hold the button down until the machine is calibrated. You will know if it is calibrated because you will see a flash of light or hear a beep. This will make it so that it reads your walls as having a zero density, and anything that is higher in density will be a beam. Calibration won’t work if you are doing it on a beam, so you will have to find another spot to calibrate the device. This is not a problem you should have often, but it is something you need to be aware of.

Move the device slowly around the wall in a horizontal direction. You will get a signal when the device finds it’s target. The light or beep will begin at one edge, and stop at the other outside edge. Make sure to mark both sides with your pencil so you know the exact location and size.

If you are planning on hanging a picture or artwork on your walls, or you want to put up a new light fixture, you need to know where the beams are so you can be sure that whatever you hang is going to stay up. You can find them with the best stud finder, which you can get at pretty much any hardware store.


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