Stud finders are tools that locate the studs within drywall. There are many different kinds of these tools, all of which have different uses depending on the specific job you need to get done. There are simple magnetic stud finders for basic tasks, and then there are more complex ones that have additional features for the more challenging jobs.While looking for a good stud finder online, you always want to look for quality over everything. Even if you purchase a tool that is extremely cheap, if it doesn’t work, then you have still wasted your money. The price range for … Read more

Overview BDL190S – The Best Laser Level

One of the most irritating things for me while trying to work on any project is when I don’t have the right tools for a basic task. If you have a basic stud finder, it may do the job, but you will have to do all of the leveling yourself. With the addition of auto leveling lasers, many stud finders have expanded their usefulness. The Black & Decker BDL190S is not only an auto-leveling interior line laser tool, but it also includes a stud sensor. It is a combination tool that is specifically designed … Read more

Depending on the specific job, it is important to find the perfect stud finder. Studs often prove difficult to locate, ultimately causing total confusion while trying to improve your home. Screw and nails are often misplaced in the beams, which makes it even more challenging to do home improvements. This is exactly why a stud finder is a helpful tool when trying to accomplish any reformations of your household.


The Zircon MultiScanner i520 Center-Finder separates itself from many other stud finders due to its high rate of effectiveness. The difference between it and others is basically the fact that … Read more

It is very possible that you have tried buying stud finders and other tools on the Internet and subsequently ended up regretting most of those purchases. To avoid that, it is significant that you look over all of the details of any product you are considering before actually spending your money.


The Zircon MultiScanner HD800 is a center-finding stud finder, which means that it is capable of locating the edges and centers of all studs. This just makes that portion of your job much easier than it would be with a simple magnetic finder.

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However, that is … Read more

In a new world

Imagine: You just moved house or office. Your new place looks so beautiful and comfortable; merely thinking about it fills you with joy. And, you will be coming in on Saturday to decorate.

You are bringing your bookcases, pictures, mirror…The walls of the new place looks almost pristine and inviting, like an artist’s virgin canvas, waiting for you to stamp your individuality on them. And it dawned on you that to make your work easy, you will need a dependable stud finder. Let us quickly look at…

Types of stud finders

As you probably know there … Read more

Stud4Sure is the stud finder, which makes use of powerful earth magnets for pinpointing the correct location of nails or screws in studs. This unit neither requires batteries nor calibration. Convenient to use, it easily fits into a tool pouch. You merely need to position this magnetic stud finder on the wall. Earth magnets in this product allow it hanging hands-free, thereby eliminating the requirement for any pencil markings. It is a product made in America and possesses an ergonomic design. The product lasts for a longer duration.

The powerful neodymium magnets in Stud4Sure help in locating screws and nails. … Read more