Depending on the specific job, it is important to find the perfect stud finder. Studs often prove difficult to locate, ultimately causing total confusion while trying to improve your home. Screw and nails are often misplaced in the beams, which makes it even more challenging to do home improvements. This is exactly why a stud finder is a helpful tool when trying to accomplish any reformations of your household.


The Zircon MultiScanner i520 Center-Finder separates itself from many other stud finders due to its high rate of effectiveness. The difference between it and others is basically the fact that … Read more

It is very possible that you have tried buying stud finders and other tools on the Internet and subsequently ended up regretting most of those purchases. To avoid that, it is significant that you look over all of the details of any product you are considering before actually spending your money.


The Zircon MultiScanner HD800 is a center-finding stud finder, which means that it is capable of locating the edges and centers of all studs. This just makes that portion of your job much easier than it would be with a simple magnetic finder.

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However, that is … Read more