StudSensor MultiScanner HD800 OneStep Stud Finder Review

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StudSensor HD800 Stud Finder

StudSensor HD800

  • Stud scan mode (up to 19mm deep)
  • DeepScan mode (up to 38 mm deep)
  • Metal scan mode (up to 38 mm deep and ferrous)
  • WireWarning detection system
  • Auto Correcting Technology

It is very possible that you have tried buying stud finders and other tools on the Internet and subsequently ended up regretting most of those purchases. To avoid that, it is significant that you look over all of the details of any product you are considering before actually spending your money.


The Zircon MultiScanner HD800 is a center-finding stud finder, which means that it is capable of locating the edges and centers of all studs. This just makes that portion of your job much easier than it would be with a simple magnetic finder.

Product Description

However, that is definitely not enough information to consider a purchase. For one, you must know whether it can sense deep enough depending on how your walls are built. Well, it actually has three different scanning modes for separate uses, but all of these modes allow you to detect and locate beams as deep as 38 millimeters into the wall.

One of the modes is specifically for finding wooden studs while another is for metal ones. That metal scan mode can also be used to pinpoint the location of any pipes or rebar within the walls. The HD800 also includes a WireWarning detection system, which is self-explanatory–it warns you of any presence of electrical wires within the wall you are working on.

Possibly one of the greatest things I have noticed about this product is that it is fool proof. By that, I mean that it includes an Auto Correcting Technology that literally corrects many errors that are commonly made by users. It does all this automatically too, so you don’t even have to push a button to check if you made any mistakes. Also, it has an easily read LCD display, so even a beginner could use the Zircon MultiScanner HD800 with ease.


It seems that the Zircon MultiScanner HD800 OneStep Center-Finding Stud Finder is a perfect beginner’s tool. The 3-mode switch is what really makes it easy to adjust to many different jobs. It is a diverse tool, which is possibly the best thing about it.

You won’t just use it for one project and then leave it sitting in your garage for years afterwards, it can be used for so many different jobs that it is hard to imagine leaving it out in the garage to collect dust. This product deserves a 4.5 star review from our experts and many thumbs up.



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