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My name is Darryl Ferris, the person behind StudFinderTool.com

I am just a normal DIY guy living in Denver, Colorado, United States. I've spent a lot of time on renovating my living space and helping my neighbors in their home improvement projects (that's what I like to do, to be honest)

I and my neighbor Thomas Phair, after years of spending time doing these home improvement tasks, we found out that hanging pictures or heavy objects on drywalls/plaster walls requires a few techniques. We need to determine where the wood stud behind the wall is, then drive nails or screws directly into the stud to make sure there is enough strength to hold up the object you're trying to hang.

Can we find studs without a stud finder? Yes, absolutely we are but as I mentioned above, it requires a few techniques and the results may be inaccurate. So, there is a tool which called stud finder that specially made for this purpose making this job easier than ever.

Plus, there may be electrical wires or pipes behind the wall. It will be very dangerous if your drill comes into contact with these things. But worry no more, a multiscanning stud finder can help you detect pipes, electrical wires or metals behind the wall with ease.

However, finding a reliable stud finder among a "forest" of wall scanning products today is not an easy task. That's the reason why I and Thomas created this website - to help you to choose the best stud finder out of the hundreds of choices you may have in mind. I have used a lot of stud finder models from various brands. With that said, I know exactly what criteria make a good stud finder.

At Stud Finder Tool, you can get benefits from my stud finder roundups, reviews or home renovation tips. These information are completely free and up-to-date.

If you have any questions or queries which are related to stud finders or wall scanning devices, just let me know via the contact page.

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