Tips on Using a Stud Finder: For Wood Not Human

Finding a stud is not always an easy task, just ask any woman.

There are always tasks around the house that need the services of a good stud. If you need to hang a mirror, picture or some other important wall ornament placing the screw or nail in the stud is vital.

The benefit of placing the nail or screw into a stud is that the picture, etc., will have a solid foundation preventing any falling or loosening of the screw or nail. The stud provides the most secure place for any nail or screw. Studs do more than hold up the ceiling.​

Benefits of Finding a Stud

  • Solid hold on the nail or the screw
  • Holds a lot more weight than bare drywall
  • Will not fall due to too much weight placed on it
  • Very secure

The danger of not using a stud to hang your wall ornament is that drywall is not strong enough to hold the nail or screw on its own. The slightest pressure and the drywall will let go of the nail or screw and your wall ornament will come crashing down.

Having this happen to me I can tell you that this is not a fun experience especially when the item is a treasured heirloom.​

You have to take the time to find the right studs in your walls

​When it comes to construction there are several types of studs that are used. For residential work the studs are usually made of wood. This makes construction of your home easier and cheaper. It also is very convenient for you when you need to hang pictures on the walls.

For commercial buildings, the studs usually used are made of galvanized metal and are not that great for hanging any wall ornaments or photos. But then commercial buildings are not the place to hang family photos and heirlooms.

​How to Use a Stud Finder

There are many different types of stud finders on the market (sorry ladies, these do not work for finding human studs) and they all work in the same basic way:​

  • Purchase a stud finder
  • Turn it on, (they are all battery operated)
  • Place against the wall
  • Slide to your left or right (doesn’t matter which way you go)
  • Wait for the stud finder to light up when it finds a stud
  • Mark the spot, put the stud finder down and place your nail or screw in the marked spot.

Using a stud finder is very simple, even a young child can do it.

What you need to hang wall ornament:​

  • Stud finder
  • Nails or screws
  • Hammer or screwdriver
  • Wall ornament

If you cannot afford an electronic stud finder then use your knuckles and tap slightly on the drywall, when the hollow sound disappears then you have found the stud.

You can use a hammer or some other object but you must tap lightly in order not to put a hole in the wall. A too hard of a tap and you will have to look for a how to repair drywall article.​


It is essential to remember that studs are normally placed 16 inches on center. This means that the center from one stud to another is 16 inches. Sometimes if the house is located in a warm climate and there is no danger of snow the studs may be placed 24 inches on center. This means that you will have a larger space between studs and it may take a little longer to find them.

A Few Words

Finding the right stud is no longer a chore, except maybe for the single woman. With the electronic stud finder it is a snap and if you do not have one of those then your knuckles will do just as well. A slight tap or two and you are on your way to finding the stud of your choice.

Nobody likes holes in the walls or misplaced pictures so take the time to find the right stud for your wall ornament. A little extra work in finding the right stud goes a long way to improving the look of your room. Your home décor depends upon having the right look.

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