CH Hanson 03040 STUD4SURE Magnetic Stud Finder Review

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CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder

  • Small and compact
  • Two-way level for ease of marking
  • Powerful magnets allows hands-free use
  • Soft grip for easy grabbing and gentle touch
  • No batteries required

Stud4Sure is the stud finder, which makes use of powerful earth magnets for pinpointing the correct location of nails or screws in studs. This unit neither requires batteries nor calibration. Convenient to use, it easily fits into a tool pouch. You merely need to position this magnetic stud finder on the wall. Earth magnets in this product allow it hanging hands-free, thereby eliminating the requirement for any pencil markings. It is a product made in America and possesses an ergonomic design. The product lasts for a longer duration.

The powerful neodymium magnets in Stud4Sure help in locating screws and nails. While the product has generated positive reviews from many users, some are not satisfied with its use. The stud finder sticks easily to walls and works well on metal or wood studs.
Users simply need to slide its flat surface gradually across any wall either in an ‘S’ or circular motion, unless they feel a strong pull onto a screw or nail head. After people have the finder above a screw or nail head, they will see it sticking to the wall.

You can use Stud4Sure to install the TV mount onto the wall in your house. A user, whose house walls are covered with plaster says that he tried doing it. However, he was surprised to find the stud finder not locating even a single stud. This user declares the product as being of no use and waste of money. According to him, he spent enough time hopelessly facing the wall while moving the stud finder a number of times for locating a nail or screw embedded in the wall.

Another user says that Stud4Sure is good only for fresh construction work with thin walls. He tells that in houses that have plaster and lath walls covered with sheet rock, there is always a trouble in locating studs to hang heavy items due to thickness of walls.

Electronic stud finders fail in this job and are completely unreliable. Here, Stud4Sure works well. You have to hold it a bit loose followed by moving the same around the wall in number eight motion. It hangs on the wall soon after finding a stud. You may double check the stud finder by repeating the process down by one or two foots.


Overall, the product is simple, unbreakable, stores easily in tool drawer, eliminates the need for pencil markings and has a vinyl coat for protecting the wall during slides. With this product, look forward to no beeping, zero electronic displays, and no lights. All it has got is a magnet and level. You wave the item over the drywall until it passes over one nail head, after which it sticks right away onto the wall.

Not like the unreliable costly models, Stud4Sure is perfectly a good product worth possessing by every homeowner. Bid adieu to electronic stud finders in your house for good and bring home this product. You will never face any problem with its use and directions.Though it may not work on some walls, it is a product worth the price.


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