How to Increase Your Home’s Value


Are you dreaming of wanting marble here and stainless there, and put some hip color over there? You better stop there. You have to watch out what your budget has to say about your dreams first. There are house projects that will safely protect your money way more than what you have ever dreamed of. Just how is this possible? The experts have sifted through the past results and the numbers that are aggregated to get an idea of what kind of home projects that can give you the most of your dollars. The common things that these projects have that made homeowners satisfied are the following:

  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • Good quality, but not really at the highest
  • Affordable

Here are what you can do with your home that you will be happy about. But before you do anything to your home, make sure that you have with you a stud finder tool, which is a device that will find framing studs that are usually behind the walling surface of your home, particularly the drywall. It will help your home improvement much faster than just manually finding those studs.

Replace the Front Door


The front door works most of the day, in the morning all the way until night. It is used to usher in your visitors and even seal your house tight. But the time that it gets worn out, you should go for a replacement. It will give your money the best value it has if you go for a new steel door. This is good when it comes to transforming the feel and look of your home. Added to that, the old exterior doors are the biggest source of energy loss. Not only are you going to improve the look of your home, but you are also working on energy efficiency. Both of these benefits can be done without having to shell out more cash than what you can afford.

Kitchen Upgrade

Sounds like the most expensive upgrade you will have to your home, right? It doesn’t have to be. Don’t forget that you are going for the most affordable remodeling, not the ones that you see on reality TV shows that feels like a celebrity could afford it. It is only going to be a minor remodeling – one of the most popular home improvement projects that you have yet to see.


Did you know that most homeowners are willing to give their kitchen an upgrade? The reason is that it is the hub of the home. Even if the ROI for kitchen remodeling is at best modest, you should expect a 67% return on the median cost of $30,000 for a kitchen upgrade. That is something that will get you lasting satisfaction. Around eighty percent of the homeowners admitted that their kitchen upgrade gave them an even greater desire just to live in their home. The 95 % were even more happy with the result they got.

Patio and Deck Additions

One of the biggest reasons that patios and decks are good for upgrades is because you can just spend between $8 to $35 each square foot, which is a bargain compared to the $150 and above for the cost of the new addition.


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