Stud Finder Reviews: Narrowing Your Choices

Undecided  on what kind you need? Here are our picks for the best  and check out our Stud Finder reviews with models, pictures, prices and where to buy it online. We give only opinions and tips to use the right tools. Whether you disagree, pleased or informed we’d like to hear about it and drop us comment about it. What better than hearing public opinions on one of our reviews. Read about what other people have to say. The information you need is all right here to find out more.

Laser Level:

Review: Black & Decker BDL190S Laser Level / Stud Sensor Combination Tool

This is just what the advertisers claim though. You need to be positive that their claims are legitimate before you order your own Black & Decker BDL190S. The last thing you want is to waste your money… Click here to read more


Review: MultiScanner i520 OneStep

The difference between it and others is basically the fact that it incorporates electrical technology systems in order to locate the studs within any drywall, regardless of the condition of the wall itself… Click here to read more


Review: StudSensor e50 Electronic Stud Finder

It is disputable whether you can trust any cheap product like this–that is if quality is important to you. It should be, and even being produced by a reputable company like this one, you need to look into every detail before… Click here to read more


Review: CH Hanson 03040 STUD4SURE Magnetic Stud Finder

The powerful neodymium magnets in Stud4Sure help in locating screws and nails. While the product has generated positive reviews from many users, some are not satisfied with its use. The stud finder sticks easily to walls and works… Click here to read more


Review: Zircon Stud Sensor i65 Onestep

There are a couple of stud sensors in the market, but what makes the Zircon different is that it is very easy to use, intuitive in fact, yet it comes with a DVD how to guide, so that you can “see” and know how… Click here to read more

Review: Center-Finding i320 OneStep with Metal Scanning and DVD How-To Guide

The Zircon MultiScanner i320 is a center-finding stud finder, which means that it is capable of locating the edges and centers of all studs. This just makes that portion of your job much easier than it would be with… Click here to read more