Stud finders are tools that locate the studs within drywall. There are many different … Read more

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Depending on the specific job, it is important to find the perfect stud finder. Studs often … Read more

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In a new world

Imagine: You just moved house or office. Your new place looks so beautiful and comfortable; merely thinking about it fills you with joy. And, you will be coming in on Saturday to decorate.

You are bringing your bookcases, pictures, mirror…The walls of the new place looks almost pristine and inviting, like an artist’s virgin canvas, waiting for you to stamp your individuality on them. And it dawned on you that to make your work easy, you will need a dependable stud finder. Let us quickly look at…

Types of stud finders

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Stud4Sure is the stud finder, which makes use of powerful earth magnets for pinpointing … Read more