When you have popped nails on your drywall, it needs some repairing to do. You do not like seeing those damaged walls for long as it will destroy the beauty of your interior. The ceilings and interior walls of most houses are covered with drywall, also known as the gypsum wallboard by those in the construction business. Those nail pops are just normal. Most walls go through this kind of phases – getting dents, cracks, and holes and must be repaired. All you need are some materials, basic tools and a couple of tricks to go with it.

Via buyersask.com
Via buyersask.com
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Depending on the extent of your home improvement work, it can take days, weeks or even months. This means that it can be endless days that the subcontractors go trudging in your house, the sound of tools keep banging and drilling on the walls and even the amount of dust flying about. Even the most minor projects that go on in your home can interrupt your everyday routine. Before you think of remodeling, you should know what to expect for you and the residents of your home.

DIY home improvement and renovation banners set with work tools swatches and model house
DIY home improvement and renovation banners set with work tools swatches and model
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Homeowners tend to go overboard when it comes to home improvement. And they don’t want to be called stingy just to go a bit beyond what they have initially budgeted it for. Keep in mind that there is no mistake in setting up a budget for your home improvement. In fact, you might be thankful for it since you get to acquire the best value for what you have spent on home improvement.

The reason why most homeowners get overboard with their budget is that they have no idea what they are doing in the first place. If you want … Read more

The only time that you can commit so many mistakes with home improvements is when you do the job yourself. Isn’t it popular these days – DIY projects? You see a lot of videos online showing how to make home improvement by yourself. What’s more, the video is so convincing that you think you can also do it yourself. However, what these DIY videos did not emphasize is research. Failing to do your research will result in mistakes done over and over again. And yet you are wondering what went wrong with your DIY home improvement projects.

DIY home improvement and renovation banners set with work tools swatches and model house
DIY home improvement
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Are you dreaming of wanting marble here and stainless there, and put some hip color over there? You better stop there. You have to watch out what your budget has to say about your dreams first. There are house projects that will safely protect your money way more than what you have ever dreamed of. Just how is this possible? The experts have sifted through the past results and the numbers that are aggregated to get an idea of what kind of home projects that can give you the most of your dollars. The common things that these projects have … Read more

Small items are relatively easy to hang on walls, but when we’re talking about heavy things, such as large mirrors or a TV, it is essential to learn how to find studs in plaster wall. This article will present simple tricks on finding studs when you need to hang something in your house.

1. Knocking on the wall


Simply knock your hand on a wall and listen for sound differences to find a stud. Sections without a sound will produce a sound with increased resonance. If your knuckle hits a stud spot, the sound you’ll hear is a dull thud. … Read more

When you’re planning to hang a frame, a piece of art or other decorations to a wall, finding a wall stud is one of the first steps that you should take. However, not everyone has a stud finder in their tool collection. As such, we are here to advise you on how to find a stud without a stud finder.

When hanging rather bulky items on a wall, aim to screw studs in the wall’s framing. It is because these studs can hold more weight than a mere drywall. This technique is important as it guarantees a safer and … Read more

Hanging objects on a wall may sound simple, but the truth is, you need to do it correctly. The first step is knowing how to find a stud, which is capable of anchoring it. This article will teach you how to find studs in drywall.

Let’s first start with a bit of background information. What are studs? Studs are boards that serve as elements for framing in homes. They essentially support the walls. Most of the time, studs are spaced 16 or 24 inches away from each other. They also run vertically, from the floor all the way … Read more

Home improvement requires a vast amount of tools most of the time. Depending on what you will be doing, it is important that you use the appropriate tools. Besides painting, any project where you will be cutting the wall or hanging something heavy on it will require a special tool known as a stud finder. If you have never used one before, you are definitely going to need to learn how to use one first. It all depends on the job, but if you learn how to use a basic type you will have no problem learning how to … Read more

An Electronic Stud Finder
An Electronic Stud Finder

An electronic stud finder is a handy little tool to have if you want to try to install something on your walls and/or ceilings. You need to be able to find the studs, and using one of these is the best way to go about doing this. If you are attaching something that is large or heavy, it is going to be better if it is installed on a beam, because the installation will be stronger and more durable.

What Exactly Is It?

There are different types of available, and the electronic models seem to be … Read more